BOOK REVIEW -: THE Ajanta caves by Navjot Singh (Jalandhar)

Jalandhar ( Navjot Singh)

  In the Month of April, 2018 I got an opportunity to attend the intensive course on Indian Art -: History & Appreciation By leading Historian cum Photographer Benoy K. Behl the author of book.  This master-piece has been bought & collected from that course in India habitat center New Delhi. The historian has reproduced photographs of Ajanta Paintings of Ajanta Caves (UNESCO World Heritage Site). The Ajanta represents the sole surviving inheritance- one that is presented in this book.

The philosophy of aesthetics which developed to great heights in India & deep carved caves in the horse shaped gorge of the Waghora River in Sahyadri Hills. Lavishly produced & magnificently explained major caves, Paintings, Jatakas and other elements of this historical Site. The pleasure of reading this Photo Book along with text cannot be explained in words .A cup of tea/coffee will add more spices to the enjoyment of reading & relishing this work. Mr. Benoy K. Behl’s fusion of marvelous HD Photographs & basic text explanation is a unique feature.  The book is highly recommended for historical Art lovers. It is one of the best books in my collection. I give 4.5/5 stars to this treasure of Indian History